And when you think you’ve nothing to lose, you get stronger…

Life is nothing but a series of heartbreaks, some are sweet and some are saddening. You either choose to embrace the lessons you learned all the while or live with the denial of what you have been feeling.

Sometimes it gets heavier to carry the remnants of the past and impossible for you to hide the pain knowing there is no one by your side.

There’s constant strife between your heart and mind; you have got uncertainty about life for letting go of all the toxicity or holding onto the pain that breaks you a little more each passing day.

You cannot govern the choices people make. You were never wrong for believing in love but it was their choice to leave you in the middle of nowhere. Not everyone who comes into your life is going to stay.

It’s okay to fall a thousand times but it’s not okay to give up on yourself. When you’ve been broken for a long time, you get familiar with the constant void that reminds you of days when you were struggling to step into the world who doesn’t know how to love you back

You’ve overcome the pain, fear, and everything that left you in pieces. You’ve come a long way to come out stronger from your failures. Pat on your back because you deserve it.

Memories warm you up from the inside But they also tear you apart.

You know how we prize things of the past? We connect ourselves to our own emotions we felt then, to make them memories of our own. Memories without feelings are simply events. And that’s why people prize memories. Because events are past, but feeling can always be felt anytime.
We realize that the happy moments we spend now are going to be beautiful memories, only after they have passed. That’s another reason why people are so close to their galleries, albums and souvenirs. They remind them of how they were feeling back then. It does sound happy, doesn’t it?
But how are you now in comparison to then? Do you still have them around? Could you do the same thing again? No, because things have changed. You see, what happened? The happy memories you had, are now things you wish that happen right now. It doesn’t and it probably won’t.
This is why it never fails to tear us. We only appreciate things when we lose them or when we don’t have them. That is makes us sad. Memories are dangerous to fiddle with. They can make you infinitely happy, but also have the power to tear your up.

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